Canine Physiotherapy 

Just like humans dogs can suffer with a variety of conditions, illnesses or injuries at times within their lives which can affect their mobility, movement, muscle strength and function. These can include acute injuries such as fractures or soft tissue injuries which require a period of rehabilitation or conditions such as hip dysplasia or arthritis which may require longer term management.

Dogs can also suffer from neurological conditions and spinal injuries which can affect balance, coordination and in severe cases complete loss of mobility. In each case, when working in conjunction with your vet, physiotherapy can assist with maintaining or improving your dog’s level of function and quality of life.

Your dog may also, as part of their rehabilitation programme, benefit from a course of hydrotherapy, which is exercise in water, either on a treadmill or in the pool. We can advise on the best type of hydro for your dog and recommend centres in your area.

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