Other Services 


Here at EquiFit Physio we offer a range of other services which include other physiotherapy services and lectures/ talks and demos. If you are looking for something in particular please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Animal Physiotherapy 


We know that physiotherapy isn't exclusive to ourselves, horses and dogs as other animals can also suffer similar issues and conditions. 


Physiotherapy can also benefit other animals both little and large, from cats to cows! 


for more info please contact us to discuss your requirements. 



Here at EquiFit we are passionate about what we do and love to speak about our profession and educate people on a range of topics. 


EquiFit is available for talks/lectures to everyone from clubs to colleges and we can offer CPD for para professionals. 


We can also offer demos and workshops - please contact us to discuss your topic and requirements. For demos you will be required to provide your own facilities and horses/riders. 

Joint Horse/Rider Sessions 

Promoting partnership between horse and rider are at the heart of the services we provide. Joint horse and rider physiotherapy sessions are a holistic way of assessing and treating both horse and rider in conjunction to address any issues that may be affecting your performance or leisure time. 


Horses are fantastic at compensating for the riders issues but equally riders are very good at helping out our horses!! 


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