Rider Physiotherapy 


''Posture, Symmetry and Balance is key to effective riding' 


Here at EquiFit Physio we understand the importance of the partnership between the horse and rider and strongly believe that if you improve the rider then you improve the horse. In light of this EquiFit Physio offers a range of tailored rider analysis and physiotherapy services with the aim of improving posture, position and balance in the saddle or to treat specific issues that may be affecting your riding. 

Rider Analysis - Simulator Sessions 


We have access to three horse simulators across the North West which we use for rider analysis, assessment and rider rehabilitation. 


Simulator sessions allow in depth assessment of posture, position and balance in the saddle without the influence of the horse. The simulator is also a useful tool for those who have had a break from riding or wish to get back in the saddle following illness or injury. 


Sessions on the simulator include a mounted and dismounted assessment with the aim to identify and treat the cause of positional faults, followed by a corrective programme. 

Rider Analysis  - Mounted Assessment 
We offer rider analysis sessions using your own horse which allow us analyse both the riders position and the horses way of going giving us a clear idea of the partnership between horse and rider. 
Depending on the length of the session it may also include a brief dismounted assessment. We will then provide you with ridden exercises to help you improve. 
For these sessions you will need somewhere flat and safe to ride, sessions range from 30 minutes to one hour depending on your requirements. 
We are also able to provide joint horse and rider assessment in which we will assess the rider and the horse, treating any issues in both. 




Alongside our rider services we offer more conventional physiotherapy assessments and treatment away from your horse. We treat all kinds of musculoskeletal issues from lower back pain to knee pain and are able to provide post injury or surgery rehabilitation. 


We are able to see you either at home or a venue of your choice, you should allow at least an hour for your appointment which will include detailed questioning about your medical history and presenting condition and a physical assessment. Following this you will receive appropriate treatment which may consist of manual therapy, electrotherapy, exercise therapy or a combination of these.


We also offer dismounted sessions, gym ball sessions and exercise sessions aimed at improving position in the saddle. These can be run individually or as group sessions. 

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