Summer Round Up 2017

What an interesting and amazing summer 2017 has been!!

So 2017 hasn't been the easiest year and I would like to thank all my fantastic clients for been so brilliant over the past few months - sticking by me, looking after me, providing biscuits, endless brews, a place to vent and a good old natter!!

It's now time to crack on and move forward with lots of exciting things to look forward to over the next few months and into 2018.

The Summer kicked off with a bang at the saddle fitting day organised by Sam Rhodes from Chunky Monkey Saddles - We had a fab day offering rider video analysis, assessment and advice to those that attended.

This was then was followed by a busy summer of treating a variety of horses and riders - fantastic to work with clients old and new but my personal highlights include:

Ellie - I have known Ellie for some time due to various issues she has had in the past but when she presented with a suspected hamstring injury it was my job to promote healing and get her back out having fun with her owner Livvy who has heavily involved in her rehab! Livvy spent time standing around in the stable for hours on end while she wore the pulsed electromagnetic therapy pad and even became a dab hand a taping!!

I think she suits Pink, looking forward to seeing Ellie for a routine check up in November!!

Sunny - This ginger ninja was involved in a freak accident while on an endurance ride and suffered a back injury. I worked with Sunny for the first few months of the summer, although he was somewhat opinionated at times , he behaved well during his physio sessions and for his mum during his rehab exercises (most of the time)!! He was then back out competing by the middle of the season and back to his usual self!!

I was so delighted to get such a lovely message from his Mum and again can't wait to see him for routine check up at the end of the season.

And Finally Penny - veteran lady Penny has given her mum a few scares but is still going amazingly well at the grand age of 33. I have had the pleasure of helping maintain her over the summer so she can still compete and enjoy life!! She is an absolute credit to her owner Laura!!

Theses are just a few - I have loved working with you all but there is too many highlights to mention!!

The summer hasn't just been all about equine physio - I have met a few other animals along my travels....

This was Figaro - a rescue cat who required my services following a limb injury, he is now enjoying life in his new home with failed foster carer Jamie!!

And not forgetting all the amazing riders I have treated - both on and off the horse!! My physio bed has visited many stables, tack rooms, feed rooms, arenas, houses and even a tack shop!!

I did take a small break from rider simulator clinics over the summer but they are now back in full swing at 4 venues across the North west - have a look at the events page on Facebook to find the nearest one to you!!

August saw a trip to Ireland where I met some fabulous horses and riders - hopefully some horse and rider clinics are on the cards over there in the New Year!!

I also got a cheeky break away with my little horse which was fantastic to round off the summer in style! We loved the beach and even had our first taste of cross country and show jumping!!

But the best story of the summer had to be a certain dressage riders fractured ankle saga a few weeks before the national championships!! While I was minding my own business in Ireland I received a picture from A&E with a leg in plaster saying....... 'small problem'

This was the time I wish they had supplied my with that magic wand at university!

So two weeks into said fracture I got my tape out, squeezed Jess into a pair of riding boots and stuck her up on her 'quiet' four year old to see what happened - I have to say I was watching behind my hands at this point!!!

Despite everything Jess made it to the nationals and absolutely smashed it!! She rode better than most of us with can with our limbs intact and having keeping this a secret I did enjoy waking up to horse and hound headline, tales from the nationals - 'I am riding with a broken leg'

Jess rode each test amazingly and highlight was third in the advanced medium gold championship - only beaten by some Olympian named Charlotte (not sure if anyone knows her!!).

I honestly know how unbelievably lucky I am that this is my job and to work with the most amazing people and horses. I am proud to be able to call myself a Chartered Physio and be able to make a difference even if sometimes I am hated for hurting you!!

And I can even get away with kissing my patients!!

I am very much looking forward to a equally amazing winter and can' t wait to catch up with clients old and new!!

Lisa xx

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