What To Expect During Our Consultations 



Animal Physiotherapy Appointments 


Prior to treating your animal we will have gained consent from your vet and discussed any issues with them where appropriate. We only work with veterinary approval as permission from your vet is a legal requirement of the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966). 


You should allow at least an hour for your session, in that time we will carry out a thorough assessment of your animal which will include:


History taking - We would like to know all about your animal, the presenting problem and any history. 


Standing Posture - We will observe your animal in standing to note any asymmetries and overall conformation. 


Gait assessment - We will watch your animal move in walk and trot, ideally on a flat surface. For horses we will assess them in tight circles and rein back but in addition to this we may want to observe them on the lunge or under saddle to gain the best picture.











Palpation - This is where we will have a feel of your animal looking for areas of pain, muscle spasm, heat and swelling along with quality of movement and muscle tone. 


Following Assessment we will then provide treatments appropriate for your animal’s presenting issues, more information on the treatment modalities provided please see the Equine or Canine Physio page. For horses we may also want to check your saddle for fit. 


EquiFit Physio prides itself on working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to provide the best possible care for your animal. This means we may discuss your animal with your Vet, Farrier or Saddle Fitter where appropriate and we may also advise you of any other professionals that can contribute to your animal’s management. 













Follow Up Appointments


As with Human Physiotherapy your animal may require a follow up appointment or a block of treatment. This is determined on an individual basis relating to your animal's needs and reasons for follow up will be discussed in full at the time of initial appointment. 



Human/ Rider Physiotherapy


We offer lots of different rider physiotherapy services so session length and content may vary slightly. Please be aware that in all sessions we require a full medical history, which will remain confidential, and require you to wear appropriate clothing. For more information on our rider services and requirements please click here. 



Joint Horse and Rider Physiotherapy Sessions 


A joint horse and rider sessions includes a mounted and dismounted assessment of the rider plus an assessment of the horse as detailed above. During the ridden element we will also assess your horse’s way of going alongside assessing the rider for posture, symmetry and balance. 


You should allow up to 2 hours for a joint session with your horse. 

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