Manual Therapy 


  • Manual therapy is the use of hands on techniques applied to the joints and soft tissues, to reduce muscle spasm, improve movement, relieve pain and swelling, techniques include:


  • Soft tissues release techniques

  • Reflex Techniques

  • Passive movements and stretches 

  • Joint mobilisation techniques 


Electrotherapy is an umbrella term for the use of electrotherapeutic modalities that are applied to disrupted tissues to influence pain, promote healing or stimulate muscles.


The use of electrotherapy requires careful selection of the appropriate modality relating to the presenting condition and stage of healing for it to be most effective. Physiotherapists use a working knowledge of physics and pathology to decide which modality is appropriate for the animal.


Different types of electrotherapy that may be used include:  



Neuromuscular electrical stimulation 




Exercise Therapy 


Exercise is a fundamental part of physiotherapy treatments and rehabilitation programmes. 


Exercise therapy is important for strengthening weakened muscles, improving muscle activity, improving movement, re-educating movement patterns and improving proprioception. 


Equine exercise programmes may consist of: 

long reining 


Pole work 


Ridden programmes 


Canine exercise programmes may consist of:



lead walking



wobble pads



We may also use facilitation aids during our rehabilitation exercises to help your animal improve, these could include kinesio taping, proprioceptive aids, chain bracelets and weighted boots. 




Physiotherapists are skilled in a variety of treatments that help maximise performance, enhance recovery, restore function and alleviate pain. Chartered physiotherapists use in depth knowledge and understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and pathology combined with sound palpation and clinical reasoning skills to fully assess then devise appropriate treatment programmes relating to the animals condition, stage of healing and presenting problems. 


There are many treatment modalities available to your animal and during treatment sessions, your animal may receive one or more of the following treatments 

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