Equine Physiotherapy 


Horses, just like their human counter parts, can suffer from a variety of musculoskeletal issues and conditions which can affect performance and potentially lead to lameness. As we know horses are unable to tell us how they feel so potential issues can often go unnoticed or exhibit as behavioural issues or loss of performance. Due to the nature of the work we ask our horses to do and the demands we place on them it is advisable that your horse is checked regularly by a chartered physiotherapist to maintain function, identify any early issues and to ensure your horse is at his best and able to work to his optimum level.


Physiotherapy is not just for the elite competition horse, it can have many benefits for all kinds of horses.........



Competition Horses 


Competition horses are athletes and the demands placed on them during work can be high. Physiotherapy can help maximise the performance, playing an important role in injury prevention by improving flexibility and mobility of the joints and soft tissues prior to competition as well as enhancing recovery post competition. 


Physiotherapists can also detect problems in the early stages that may lead to potential issues or loss of performance. 


We recommend that competition and performance horses, such as racehorses, event horses, dressage horses, receive physiotherapy as part of routine management to ensure they remain at optimum performance. 



Older Horse 


Physiotherapy can help improve and maintain suppleness, muscle bulk, joint range of movement and mobility which sadly our horses can struggle with as they get older. 


Older horses often have pre exiting conditions, such as arthritis, which require careful management and physiotherapy plays an important role in ensuring your older horse remains healthy and comfortable, promoting excellent quality of life whether your horse is retired or continues to work. 

Injured or Post Op Horse


Physiotherapy can help enhance recovery in the injured horse or horses recovering from surgery using a range of techniques to assist healing with anything from wounds to soft tissue injuries. Physiotherapy is also a fundamental part of the rehabilitation process allowing your horse to return to work while minimising risk of re injury. 


                  Lesiure Horse 


Physiotherapy can ensure your leisure horse remains comfortable and happy within their work.


Even our leisure horses can suffer with aches and pains at times or conditions that require careful management to ensure they perform at their best and we recommend leisure horse receive twice yearly checks.

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