Why Choose Chartered and What Does it Mean? 


Human Physiotherapy


In Human practice the title 'Physiotherapist' is protected and to call yourself a physiotherapist you must have undergone the appropriate level of training and be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The HCPC is a regulatory body who govern the practice of health professionals in order to maintain safe practice, uphold standards and ensure professionals have the correct training and are accountable for their actions. 


Animal Physiotherapy


You may be surprised to hear that the title 'Veterinary Physiotherapist' or 'Animal Physiotherapist' is not a protected title which means that technically anyone with any level of qualification or training and in some cases no training at all can market themselves as a 'physiotherapist' in the animal field. As you probably agree this may pose issues with standards of care and animal welfare. 


Chartered Physiotherapy


The Term 'Chartered' means that the physiotherapist involved has a recognised qualification endorsed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). 


To become a Chartered Physiotherapist the training is extensive, we train for minimum of three years to become human physiotherapists followed by a minimum of two further years of post graduate training to become veterinary/animal physiotherapists.

Chartered physiotherapists have a solid clinical background in human physiotherapy and rehabilitation giving them transferable skills in order to treat animal patients with a greater level of understanding and sound clinical reasoning. By choosing a Chartered Physiotherapist you are choosing a professional service that is accountable and regulated by the Association on Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT), promoting professional standards and animal welfare. ACPAT physios will only work with veterinary permission or referral. 

RAMP Register 

RAMP was established in September 2016 aiming to endorse best practice methods in the industry of animal musculoskeletal therapy.

RAMP registered practitioners follow a strict code of conduct, work within their scope of practice, comply with annual CPD requirements and have appropriate insurance. 

This voluntary register offers vets, members of the public and other paraprofessionals the reassurance they need to refer safely to, and/or work closely with RAMP practitioners.


What to look for when choosing a Veterinary or Animal Physiotherapist 


ACPAT Cat A - this means the physiotherapist is registered with ACPAT and are fully insured and qualified to practice

'Chartered' - if the physiotherapist is claiming to be chartered then they must be a human physiotherapist, registered with the CSP, ACPAT and HCPC. 

'RAMP Registered' - The physio is registered with the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners - a voluntary register promoting the gold standard of animal therapy 


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